The NIH All of Us Analysis Program focuses on precision diet


For some health interactions and interventions, health systems provide care that is nurtured by real-time data received through digital health technology.

The new research being conducted by the National Institute of Health based on precision nutrition is a new example of the way in which healthcare computing innovations translate into research patient care.

Vibrent Health, whose data collection and engagement platform enables NIH analysis, sees precision nutrition as a crucial and growing area of ​​health research that can greatly enhance and accelerate digital health technologies.

Praduman “PJ” is the CEO and Founder of Jain Vibrent Health and the Principal Investigator of the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health. He talked to her Health computer news about precision nutrition research, how digital health can help, and how its company’s technology is returning research to patient care.

Q. Please describe the new NIH-focused study on precision nutrition.

A. The Nutrition for Precision Health study, announced in early 2022, is housed in the NIH All of Us Research Program, an NIH All of Us Research Program that aims to enroll one million people in health research to advance precision medicine and accelerate medical discoveries.

The NPH study aims to gather data that will help them create healthy, accurate and effective diet plans tailored to human diversity. To achieve this, researchers will take advantage of the latest food research and evidence-based dietary interventions on a larger scale than ever before. This has been made possible because we all have the largest digital health research cohort.

With the introduction of NPH, the All of Us Research Program is reaching an exciting new stage. The study is the first additional research that takes advantage of the All of Us infrastructure to answer important scientific questions for participants, such as a better understanding of the role of nutrition in health.

As the Participant Technology System Center for all of us, Vibrent Health is in a critical position to provide advanced technologies that enable researchers to hire and research a wide range of remote cohorts nationwide.

Vibrent’s technologies and specializations enable NPH and the All-Us Research Program’s network of national health research partners to be contracted and licensed electronically; collecting data through electronic surveys, portable devices and electronic health records; and the participation and support of multiple participants in the precision feeding cohort.

Q. You consider precision nutrition to be an important health research that can promote digital health tools. Why is it so important, and how can it help digital health?

A. Data-driven and tailor-made approaches to better health are the future. Accurate health research is essential to help people achieve optimal health through solutions designed to take into account data on many aspects of health, including fitness, mental well-being, sleep, diet, and metabolic health based on their biology and individual needs.

Precision nutrition research is key to developing personalized evidence-based nutrition recommendations. Precision nutrition research will focus on the latest advances in biomedical science, including research on artificial intelligence, genetics, and the microbiome.

This research will add valuable data on participants ’dietary habits and use modern data mining techniques to develop and validate algorithms for clinical application.

Digital health research allows the development of many national groups of people in all walks of life in a way that is not possible using traditional offline research. Precision nutrition is a great way to take advantage of digital health tools because of the frequency of engagement and the ability to integrate diet assessment directly into a person’s digital lifestyle.

It is possible to keep track of food diaries, mental health assessment, and activities using mobile technologies as it approaches large-scale nutritional research to the consumer applications that real people use on a daily basis. Vibrent Health’s work will help make this data available to both participants and researchers on a scale not previously possible.

Q. How has your company’s healthcare IT impacted the way NIH research returns to patient care?

A. Vibrent’s digital health research platform has enabled the creation of one of the largest cohorts of its kind using digital technology. Several health systems have enrolled patients as part of this large national cohort of research.

Vibrent Health’s participant portal and study management tools are specifically designed to help participants in the long run, and are rarely supported by most digital healthcare platforms. The Vibrent Health and All of Us Research Program has a large number of participants who have been providing data for almost six years, and we are just getting started.

The types of technologies that support such long-term health research are not just about data collection; they must also achieve digital engagement through tools that build and maintain relationships and provide meaningful value to participants.

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