“Out of control”: no one knows how much to tip

New York CNN — A new payment trend is sweeping America, creating an increasingly inconvenient experience: digital tip jars. You order a coffee, an ice cream, a salad or a slice of pizza and pay with your credit card or your phone. Then an employee standing behind the counter spins around a touchscreen and slides … Read more

Inflation cools much more than expected in October

Minneapolis CNN Business — Americans and the Federal Reserve received good inflation news on Thursday. The consumer price index rose 7.7% for the year ending in October, a much slower pace of growth than economists of 8% had expected and the lowest annual inflation since January. The stock market soared on the news, with Dow … Read more

How Much Small Business Owners Should Pay Themselves

Many small business owners struggle to determine an appropriate take home pay as the business grows, and some don’t pay themselves at all. These mistakes can easily come back to bite the founder and the company. According to professionals who advise small businesses, understanding how to compensate yourself appropriately – even if it’s just a … Read more