There’s an innovation revolution happening in sports, and venture capital firm Sapphire is helping pay for it

Sapphire Sports’ Michael Spirito and Doug Higgins COURTESY OF SAPPHIRE SPORTS Sapphire Sport claims to have attracted $181 million from a slew of investors — or $300 million in total — to power startups that are disrupting sports entertainment and culture. Jhere are the overtime hours, which pays six-figure bids to up-and-coming high school athletes … Read more

2022 has been a year of declining valuations, famous brands and beverages. Here’s what it takes for CPG to win in 2023

FABID is a food and beverage specific database that tracks investors, brands and their partners … [+] financing of events. Fabid 2022 has been nothing short of mixed feelings for consumer products. Debates over whether direct-to-consumer is still relevant persist, coinciding with a slew of brands rushing into retail and proactively lowering their valuations to … Read more

SaaS: the bright spot for India’s tech business amid a slowing market

For India, there is nothing as sassy as SaaS in the tech verse. Indian SaaS players are gaining confidence as they talk about the outlook for the industry capitalizing on the digitalization trend in a post-pandemic world. Software as a service is expected to be valued at $50 billion in India by 2030, according to … Read more