Five global trends in business and society in 2023

Forecasts are rarely perfect, but last year our forecast for global trends in business and society found to be quite accurate. As expected, extreme weather events revealed the immediate impacts of climate change. The growth rate of the world economy remained well below average. And the lingering effects of Covid-19 hit the poorest hardest. Yet … Read more

How Good Data Ethics Improve Business Outcomes

Data Privacy AdobeStock_186885581 Today’s world is data driven. Every industry recognizes the potential of data analytics to improve business performance, whether it’s informing customer experiences or re-engineering internal processes. However, with this powerful tool comes the responsibility of every organization to not only use the data to their advantage, but also to use it in … Read more

7 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Your Business Coach

Business coaching is all the rage. Thousands of entrepreneurs invest in themselves and in their business by hiring a coach. However, not all entrepreneur-coach relationships are productive. In fact, some business owners have gone through multiple coaches in their quest for self-improvement and success after a coaching relationship broke down or progress stagnated. 7 Ways … Read more

Responsible AI has become essential for companies

Investors, take note. Your due diligence checklist may be missing an essential element that could make or break your portfolio’s performance: responsible AI. In addition to screening and monitoring companies for future financial returns, growth potential and ESG criteria, it is time to capital investment (PE) and venture capitalists (VC) to start asking tough questions … Read more