Measuring the climate impact of companies with the carbon footprint – POLITICO

Taking effective and climate-beneficial action is a key ambition for businesses around the world. In a complex and ever-changing economic environment, however, it is unclear how companies large and small can do this in practice – and in tandem with others in national and global markets. Terms such as “greenwashing” are increasingly used as organizations … Read more

Could Made in Italy become synonymous with sustainability?

“While these efforts are necessary, more emphasis should be placed on activities aimed at eliminating waste from the outset,” says Marilyn Martinez, project manager for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s fashion initiative. “Shifting the focus from ‘downstream’ to ‘upstream’ activities will be a significant step forward.” Journalist and podcaster Clare Press in conversation with Lorenzo Bertelli, … Read more

Small business: The man trying to solve New Zealand’s e-waste problem

Computer Recycling expects to process 2.5 million kilograms of e-waste this year. Photo / Provided Patrick Moynahan, Managing Director of Computer Recycling, explains how e-waste harms the environment and why he used his personal savings to purchase and consolidate Computer Recycling. What does your business do? IT recycling is Aotearoa’s first e-waste recycler. We specialize … Read more