The year when fashion finally faced its social impact

Social impact has also taken a bigger role in brand impact reporting. Gucci’s report was released alongside a commitment to disability inclusion. Nordstrom’s report highlighted his charitable donations ($3.6 million to nonprofits, more than 40,000 pairs of shoes donated to children in need through Shoes That Fit, and 145 Black-owned brands. and Latinx added to … Read more

“Leaving Quietly” in New Hampshire

Fred Kocher, NH Business Host NH Business: Examining the ‘Big Resignation’ and ‘Silent Shutdown’ in NH and the US Fred Kocher is joined by James Reidy to walk through what’s going on in NH’s current workforce Updated: 7:47 a.m. EDT October 23, 2022 Hide transcript View Transcript WELCOME TO THE EMPRESS COMPANY. I AM FRED … Read more