Cristiano Ronaldo: The fitness maniac no one can beat!

There’s one thing Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for other than being one of the best players in the world and winning multiple titles to his name: being a fitness maniac! Who else would make headlines for removing the Coca-Cola bottles in full view of international onlookers? Cristiano Ronaldo’s football journey is well known, but in … Read more

Beer, Sport, Men: Inside the “Holy Trinity” of Alcohol Marketing | world Cup

There’s great cultural irony in sports fans commenting on the prowess of professional athletes while holding a beer, wrote academic Lawrence Wenner 30 years ago. From champagne catwalk celebrations to locker room and sports bar shenanigans, booze, sport – and some interpretation of masculinity – have long been commodified together as a tripartite, co-dependent culture. … Read more

‘Dark business’: Thailand prepares for World Cup gambling frenzy | Crime

Bangkok, Thailand – Every 15 minutes, a small crowd gathers in a shack in a Bangkok market to wait for the numbers to be drawn. The buzz of anticipation with each ping pong lotto draw is palpable, but the excitement is invariably short-lived. When number five is announced in a recent draw, a man chewing … Read more

Qatar’s sporting landscape grows as country hosts World Cup

Qatar is preparing to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup this month – but football isn’t the only sport played in the Arab Gulf country. From traditional activities to global team competitions, Qatar has increasingly presented itself as a host country for sports of all kinds – from falconry to golf, as well as major … Read more