Fuel prices need to be reduced, say celebrities

The union’s budget is expected to be announced tomorrow. Like any other Indian, B-Town celebrities are also expecting changes. Here are some of the celebrities’ expectations for the union’s upcoming budget: Esha Gaur I think it is important to reduce the cost of oil and pulses so that the lower layers of society can eat … Read more

Should celebrities unite to raise awareness?

December 1 is World AIDS Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness about this deadly disease, its spread, and expressing remorse for those who have lost their lives to it. There was a time when celebrities participated in AIDS-related campaigns. Even today, many celebrities are speaking out and trying to raise awareness about the … Read more

Ab Nai Chalega! Celebrities talk about what needs to change in Mumbai

Mumbai’s motto has always been ‘Chalta Hai’ and so far it has worked very well, or so we thought! People are considered less picky here and more welcoming. However, there are many things in Mumbai where this “Chalta hai” phenomenon no longer works. The celebrities talk about how certain things can be improved in the … Read more

Celebrities talk about their bonds with their siblings

Bhai Dooj or Bhai Phota or Bhau Beej is here. Celebrities are all ready to celebrate it with great fanfare. Here’s a little about the relationship they share with each other and their plans for this special day. Charrul Malik My brother, Gaurav and my twin sister, Parul, are close to me. My brother is … Read more