How to Connect with Business Schools on Social Media | Best Colleges

Students wishing to pursue an MBA can use social media to connect with friends, explore interests, and even catch up on current affairs. But they can also use it as a tool in the business school selection process. Like other organizations, colleges use social media channels to share work, promote accomplishments, and showcase exceptional individuals. … Read more

Cornell Offers New Veterinary Business Certification Program

In an academic release, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine announced the launch of its new Veterinary Business and Management certification program offered this fall semester 2022.1 The program aims to provide opportunities for veterinary students to pursue advanced training in business and management disciplines. “The new Certificate in Veterinary Business and Management is an … Read more

Preparing MBAs for Ethical Business Leadership

The McGowan Fellows program focuses on preparing MBA students for a select group of leading companies … [+] schools to become ethical leaders for American business. Getty Now in its second decade of operation, the McGowan Fellows program continues its quest to prepare MBA students for ethical leadership for American business. One of the most … Read more