Improve your supply chain in 2023 with 5 key business strategies

As industries have learned, consumer and business needs can change in the blink of an eye, and supply chains must also be ready to activate when demand for goods reaches an imbalance. We are already a month away in 2023 and economic forecasts indicate that a lot of work remains to be done to keep … Read more

Small business: Kester Black, the ethical beauty brand bursting into Europe

Kester Black founder Anna Ross says the brand offers its customers sustainable luxury products at “half the price”. From humble beginnings as a New Zealand-based jewelry company to the pages of Vogue and Elle, Anna Ross has led Kester Black to international fame. The brand’s halal, vegan and carbon-neutral beauty products aim to give high … Read more

A radical overhaul of corporate real estate to create business advantage

Close the C-suite and move the corporate offices to “the field” for a triple win. Getty As former Medtronic CEO Bill George wrote in Harvard Business Review last November, frontline workers are probably a company’s most valuable, yet undervalued, asset. Now a professor at Harvard Business School, George wrote, “In my experience, frontline workers make … Read more

Driving business growth with low-cost digital technology

Posted: October 12, 2022 The adoption of low-cost digital technologies in manufacturing across the UK is being accelerated by the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) through a “unique and exciting” pilot project aimed at creating digitally savvy engineers of the future. Research engineers at AMRC sites in South Yorkshire and North Wales … Read more

With Covid as cover, fashion unions are under attack

The report quotes union activists and organizers from the five major manufacturing countries, who say there are risks associated with joining a union, and that during Covid codes of conduct have been left out. In Bangladesh, the number of unions has increased since the collapse of Rana Plaza in 2013, but local organizers mostly say … Read more