3 of the biggest benefits of persuasive follow-ups

Strategic follow-ups can strengthen business relationships, not harm them. Getty Images When it comes to maintaining successful business relationships, most people focus primarily on the initial contact or the first round of contract negotiations. But those early conversations are only part of the formula. Whether you’re trying to close a deal or just working to … Read more

Why “Cash is King” Should Be Your Mantra – Business Owner or Not

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates to the highest level in 15 years. The half-point hike is the seventh consecutive rate hike this year. The interest rate is now between 4.25% and 4.5%. As economists and business leaders debate whether or not we will experience a recession … Read more

How creating a winning environment can change your life and your business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. Business owners have always been problem solvers. That’s what the free market is designed for: enabling innovative thinkers to create change for others by solving problems. As entrepreneurs, we are problem solvers and creative thinkers. To see success in business, we need to be good at a … Read more

4 things every small business owner should know in 2023

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This is what the ‘new normal’ will look like for businesses in 2023

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope the worst of the pandemic is behind us. Now that we’ve done that, let’s talk about what the “new normal” will look like. In the back office and in the field, the seismic shifts that have rocked businesses for the … Read more

3 reasons why empathy is vital for solidifying business partnerships

Empathy is vital for the formation, strengthening and long-term maintenance of highly effective relationships. … [+] business partnerships. Getty Images When it comes to traits that help solidify business partnerships, attributes such as trust and the willingness to collaborate to find win-win solutions can play a key role in building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship. … Read more

5 Ways Business Leaders Can Impact Their Communities

From tangible projects and collaborations to historic initiatives and breakthroughs. Unsplash By Sarita Nayyar, Managing Director, World Economic Forum Following the global upheaval of COVID-19, the lingering effects of the war in Ukraine and the growing problems related to climate change, the next 12 months will be marked by unpredictability, which further increases the need … Read more

3 Ways to Build Trust (To Build a Better Business)

To build a strong and resilient business, trust must be at the center of everything. Corbis via Getty Images Of all the attributes your business could develop, few are more important than building trust. When it comes to customers, 81% say trust in a business is a deciding factor in deciding who to buy from. … Read more

Who’s to blame when leads don’t convert to customers?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. When something doesn’t go exactly the way we want it to, it’s easy to point the finger at external factors. We are usually not inclined to admit that we ourselves can be responsible for the undesirable result. Business owners – like myself and the dentists I work … Read more