Flexible workspaces should have innovative technologies that help members run their business

What lessons have you learned at WeWork over the past four years? I consider it essential to understand the company, its structure and its activity. Being able to engage with non-lawyer internal clients, as well as learn about their changing interests, needs and goals over time and geographically, is a lifelong learning experience. Having a … Read more

Bited more coins than they can chew? – The World of Celebrity Cryptocurrency Endorsements

By now, most of us have already been invited or persuaded to invest in cryptocurrency. It could come from a conversation with a friend or on social media, as a growing number of celebrities and influencers with undoubtedly lucrative endorsement deals try to entice fans to invest. These typically take the form of an invitation … Read more

[ADV LAW] Stricter regulations on celebrity endorsements in advertising

Celebrities and influencers in China may find this month of November more difficult than usual, as the “Guidelines on Further Regulation of Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising” (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines”) issued by 7 state authorities entered into force recently. Like the Sword of Damocles, the guideline provides a clearer deterrent to celebrities if they … Read more