‘It’s Risky Business’: Binance’s $1 Billion Crypto Industry Stimulus Fund Raises Antitrust Concerns

Binance risks getting on the wrong side of global competition watchdogs with its new billion-dollar industry stimulus fund, a crypto antitrust expert has warned. Thibault Schrepel, professor at VU University Amsterdam and author of the 2021 book Blockchain and Antitrustsaid the fund could be used as “an instrument to decide who among horizontal and vertical … Read more

Goldman removes the best software from the company’s back shops as part of a major overhaul

Goldman Sachs wants to bring more software developers and engineers out of the back rooms and deeper into the business as the bank embarks on a sweeping reorganization to give more weight to its customer service offerings. The bank is trying to improve the developer experience for both internal and external workers, and is rewriting … Read more

Goldman to consolidate major business units into three main divisions in sweeping reorganization

Goldman Sachs plans to consolidate its largest businesses into three divisions, undertaking one of the biggest shakeups in the Wall Street firm’s history. Goldman will combine its flagship investment banking and trading businesses into one unit, while merging asset and wealth management into another, people familiar with the matter said. Marcus, the consumer banking arm … Read more

Tom Brady to Matt Damon: Here’s how losses for celebrity-endorsed digital assets pile up

Matt Damon made headlines and drew criticism when he starred in a commercial for cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com a year ago. Since then, the prices of many cryptocurrencies have dropped significantly. The market capitalization of crypto assets has fallen below $1 trillion from a peak of $3 trillion in November 2021. But Damon isn’t the only … Read more