Companies brace for stealth tax raid in fall filing

Welcome to Fall Statement Day. This morning, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will announce the government’s financial plans, the first such financial statements made under President Rishi Sunak. Mr Hunt’s statement comes after inflation hit its highest level in 41 years, mainly due to rising gas and electricity bills. “We are not immune to these global headwinds, … Read more

Jeremy Hunt plots to hit small businesses with stealth VAT raid

Jeremy Hunt is plotting a stealth tax raid on small businesses that will force thousands more to pay VAT as he strives to balance the country’s books. The Chancellor is set to keep the threshold at which businesses must register to pay VAT at £85,000 in turnover until 2026, instead of increasing it in line … Read more

The dream of a low-tax, business-friendly Britain has been dead for a generation

For a few days there, it looked like the UK had the chance to put its economy back on a new and vibrant path, with higher growth and rising living standards. Corporate taxes would be lower than any major competitor. Personal taxes would gradually take less and less of the average family income. Entrepreneurs would … Read more