Magazine ad and cover icon George Lois dies at 91

George Lois, the charismatic publicist and designer and hard-working salesman who shaped some of the boldest magazine images of the 1960s and popularized slogans and brand names such as ‘I Want My MTV’ and ‘Lean Cuisine’, has died . He was 91 years old. Lois’ son, photographer Luke Lois, said he died “peacefully” Friday at … Read more

Skincare culture runs deep — and celebrities are taking advantage of it

From Rihanna to Brad Pitt, celebrities around the world seem to be launching their own skincare lines. And they all seem to promise to help us achieve healthy, glowing, youthful skin just like theirs. And yet, most of these stars weren’t using their own products to get their clear, Hollywood-smooth complexions. So what are they … Read more

Review: ‘Armageddon Time’ is set in the 1980s but reminiscent of today

After hitting the stars with Brad Pitt, filmmaker James Gray returned to earth to explore his own childhood in ‘Armageddon Time’. “Set in the fall of 1980, Queens, it is a patient, mature work about a very specific time and place when he was just 11 and entering sixth grade. American society is changing in … Read more