Polish statesman’s biography teaches lessons about today’s Ukraine | Entertainment

NEW YORK (AP) — A hundred years ago, a revolutionary Polish patriot argued that Russia’s thirst for territory would continue to destabilize Europe unless Ukraine could gain independence from Moscow. Polish Marshal Józef Piłsudski never succeeded in realizing his hope for an independent Ukraine connected to Europe. But the farsighted and analytical statesman succeeded in … Read more

Review: ‘Armageddon Time’ is set in the 1980s but reminiscent of today | Entertainment

After hitting the stars with Brad Pitt, filmmaker James Gray returned to earth to explore his own childhood in ‘Armageddon Time’. “Set in the fall of 1980, Queens, it is a patient, mature work about a very specific time and place when he was just 11 and entering sixth grade. American society is changing dramatically … Read more