NEW HALAL PASTRY BUSINESS-Arghavan Afshari, PrinceHenry’sGrammarSchool

Owning a food business can be a difficult process for many, but owning an online business rather than an in-store business can impact your business both positively and negatively. There is no precise measure of proximity to customers and collections, but how an online business is promoted and featured in the media can play an important role in increasing customers. Leeds is a hive of activity for business start-ups and one of the UK’s top cities for running a business. This includes a wide range of local small businesses/businesses that deserve high visibility.

A Leeds-based company named ‘Theofficialbakingbad’ on instagram has recently started supplying halal treats ranging from giant stuffed biscuits to cookie pies to flavor boxes at affordable prices ranging from £3.50 to £15 depending on the taste. ‘article. The most expensive item would be the exquisite “flavor box” which contains a cookie pie and two giant stuffed cookies in flavors of your choice. The most popular flavors are Kinder Bueno, Biscoff and Cookies&Cream causing a great eruption of flavors that will delight everyone’s taste buds!

The business owner herself partner is fit and eats healthy, but when on his “cheat” meals, the first thing he wants is one of his baked goods, whether it’s cookies, brownies or cookie pies, which really inspired her to start selling them. to others so that other people can feel the same feelings and be treated by “Baking Bad” on a good day or a bad day. Having a little nudge from someone who believes in both you and your products can help massively and boost anyone’s confidence when starting a business like it did for the owner of “Baking Bad “.

The food industry is very competitive, but one thing that sets “Baking Bad” apart from other businesses is that the company provides strictly halal food to its customers. It’s very close to the heart of the owners as she and her partner are both Muslims and would appreciate a business that delivers spiciness, flavor and lovingly made halal ingredients to your doorstep. Although the company has only just been established, the thought process behind the company will take months of thought and consideration, but inflation has had a massive impact on the company. With the price of ingredients/raw materials increasing, fuel and energy bills increasing, it is important to find a good balance on prices for customers. Supporting local small business suppliers is a very efficient and affordable process when trying to source ingredients and help another business grow while helping your own.

Social media is the greatest tool to grow a business and without media and word of mouth, your business will not thrive. Online orders for “Baking Bad” are definitely something the company has planned for the future, but keeping the business more personal and local is a crucial factor in this venture. When an order through Instagram is received of “Baking Bad” free range eggs, Halal animal products will be used to make the product itself and the finished product will be given to customers in recyclable packaging. Animal welfare and the environment are considered with every product made with “Baking Bad”.

Last but not least, big, world-famous companies always start somewhere small, regardless of their goals and targets. “Baking Bad” will continue to do what they do, such as providing high quality products at the most cost effective prices and most importantly, amazing taste! “Baking Bad” will be setting up pop-up shops around Leeds at your local markets, so keep your eyes peeled for that with new flavors arriving all the time!

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