From bodybuilding to Pilates, discover the most trusted fitness techniques of Bollywood actors

From inspiring lives to blockbuster movies, celebrities have always entertained us with their work. We are always curious about their next move and spare no effort to celebrate them with our love and appreciation. However, on the other hand, it is not easy for them to sustain themselves at all times.

They too have their fair share of ups and downs, which they approach with grace and come out strong. Although they are willing to compromise on a lot of things to entertain the public, fitness is something they swear by and never compromise on. So, take a look at some of the most trusted techniques in which celebrities always ensure physical fitness.

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#1. bodybuilding


A style favored by male and female celebrities, bodybuilding is becoming a great way to strengthen the core of the body. This leads to faster and more efficient calorie burning and also helps improve muscle flexibility. It becomes a convenient way for those who wish to build muscle and gain mass instead of gaining weight.

#2. bodyweight exercises


This type of fitness guarantees virtually no use of equipment and uses the power and strength of the body itself for resistance building. Bodyweight exercises improve endurance and celebrities benefit from a lot of energy to carry out their busy schedules. It also helps promote limb coordination and overall body flexibility.

#3. cardio


For most people, cardio is a great start to their workout routine. However, it’s less well known to many that doing a rigorous round of cardio can only leave the exact impact of a full-fledged workout. Incorporating different styles of running, jogging, jumping rope and more causes a lot of sweat, which is a testament to true calorie burning.

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#4. Pilates


A staple and popular workout style embraced by most celebrities, Pilates brings a whole new dimension to fitness. Ideally, a low impact exercise program focuses primarily on improving body flexibility and correcting body postures. It also helps to strengthen the core muscles so that they become resistant to injuries and can prevent them.

#5. Zumba


Some celebrities love to dance and have incorporated the same into their workout. Zumba is an energetic and fun style of training involving rigorous dancing to lead to weight loss and physical fitness. With these proper movements the whole body is trained and leads to a finely toned body.

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#6. Yoga


A calmer workout on its own, yoga is more of a science than just a workout style. It soothes the mind and body and ensures the general well-being of the body. Incorporating different postures through stretching and balancing heals the body from within and relieves the mind of stress and tension. Regardless of their age, everyone is sure to benefit from Yoga.

#seven. Swimming


A rather unusual way to work out, some celebrities take advantage of swimming to exercise their whole body. Swimming involves the coordination of body, mind and limbs and benefits the body by burning calories efficiently. It improves the resistance of the body and helps in losing weight. In addition, water helps relax the mind and tense the nerves.

#8. Circuit training


Involving intense workouts of different parts of the body at the same time, circuit training chosen by celebrities helps promote complete benefits throughout the body. It is ideally completed without interruption and constantly incorporates different movements of the body. As a result, it energizes the body and burns lots of calories.

Well, inspired by your favorite celebrities, which one would you like to try?

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