Fitness Training in New Westminster, BC

Meet fitness trainer Eveliina Solio, who teaches people how to swing kettlebells the right way, at Queen’s Park.

For those who like to train in the open air instead of an indoor gym, fitness trainer Evelina Solio’s classes might be where you need to head in your sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6 p.m., Solio shows up at Queen’s Park ready to teach people how to tone their hamstrings and quads with just a pair of kettlebells.

There isn’t one fixed spot in Queen’s Park – “We move the spot from time to time, depending on the weather or the darkness,” said Solio, who works for the outdoor equipment company Arc’teryx during the day. .

The hour-long sessions see a small group of people – between two and nine – clench their glutes, articulate their hips and toss the kettlebell swing.

“Sometimes we use a tree trunk to do push-ups, or picnic tables to do ‘mountaineers’. We use what is available in the park for training,”

But what about in winter?

“You might be a little cold for the first few minutes; finally, after heating, the first layer comes off. And as we go through training, people keep taking their jackets off because they’ll get hot.

Inspired by Finnish fitness bands

Solio, who moved from Finland to Canada five years ago, said: “An important thing in Finland is that we are not afraid of the weather at all, whether it is raining or snowing. .

“We are so used to the winter being so dark and cold. We don’t let the weather stop us from doing what we want to do.

This is why outdoor training groups are “very popular” in Finland, she added.

“It’s such a big difference when you train outside to get some fresh air – no matter the weather, you always feel so much better.”

Solio’s outdoor kettlebell training band is his way of recreating such a fitness band in the New West. Although what really pushed her to start one was the COVID pandemic.

Back in Finland, Solio took up kettlebell training at the age of 15. Over the next few years, she worked in gymnasiums (reception and sales) and exposed herself to a variety of exercise routines.

Of all the fitness routines, she found the kettlebell exercises the most fun.

“Kettlebell training is very functional because you’re doing strength training, cardio mobility – all rolled into one. The resistance of the kettlebell forces you to use your body more. So it’s dynamic.

From kettlebell maker to kettlebell trainer

After moving to Canada, Solio started a “little project”. She and her boyfriend decided to make kettlebells — about 15 of them — in a warehouse in Maple Ridge.

Her boyfriend and her dad cut and welded them, and she did the finishing touches.

The plan was to sell them to local gyms. However, that didn’t go well, thanks to COVID. “Everything was locked; all gyms were closed,” she said.

But out of that challenge came an idea: “What if people still want to work out, but just don’t want to pay and buy the kettlebells?”

So, in September 2021, she launched Perkele Power (Perkele is a Finnish word that can be loosely translated as “damn” or “Shout to the Heavens for Strength” in English) to provide fitness training using kettlebells. that she and her boyfriend made.

In this way, she said, kettlebells were used to “bring the community together; where people can not only spend time together, but also be outside, train and get healthy.

“Listen to your body”

When Solio started her fitness journey, “it was kind of an on-and-off thing, a love-hate relationship,” she recalls.

Eventually, she found a fitness routine (a mix of gym, stretching, walking, running, cycling, yoga and more) that worked best for her.

“I started doing it more by asking myself, ‘What feels good to me and what’s healthy for me?’ instead of “Oh, I must look a certain way or I must weigh a certain weight on the scale”.

As a certified trainer, she wants her clients to view fitness from a similar perspective.

“It’s your training, your experience; you have to listen to your body,” she said.

“You can increase it or decrease it depending on how you feel today.”

You can register for one, five, 10 or 15 courses with Solio. For more details, check out Perkele Power on Instagram.

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