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Making informed food choices and developing healthy living habits are essential components to improving your health and well-being, where the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has chosen the whole of March to highlight their importance.

Since 1980, National Food Month has been celebrated in March. Health experts across the country are focused on raising awareness and answering questions that many of us have about nutrition and its role in improving our quality of life.

To celebrate the occasion, we took the opportunity to listen to a conversation between Rick Malambri, host of His Health podcast, and Dr. Daniel Getz, Chief Medical Officer of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. In the podcast, Dr. Getz delved into men’s nutrition and answered listeners ’questions about men’s health.

Here are some of the highlights.

Q. What role does nutrition play in men’s health?

A. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. You know, you’re what you eat; at least that’s what the Grammy tells us. And it’s probably true to some extent. Your diet is a fuel that helps boost your health.

Some of the choices you make when you are younger can affect your health when you are older. Poor diet and poor lifestyle can lead to a lack of exercise or sleep, such as body systems. Hypertension and hypertension are associated with unhealthy diet choices.

Q. Are diets like ketogenic or protein-only healthy options?

A. Fad diets may have some benefits, but they are quite limited. When you fall off a cart – and I haven’t seen a patient who hasn’t fallen off a wagon – most people get into pretty bad habits. This tendency can lead to weight gain and the development of other health problems if you do not return to a healthy eating pattern.

When we work with patients to find opportunities for a healthy diet, we want to approach it from a lifestyle perspective. We know how important it is to make the right choices to help you achieve good health. We want you to take a smart approach and realize that diet is an aspect of caring for the whole person. When you start to feel better from eating better, it’s easier to hold on to it.

Q. Does eating organic make a difference?

A. In some cases, eating organic makes a lot of sense. We are finding a lot of chemicals that can be leached out when we are eating or drinking and that can affect our endocrine system. So I think there are some benefits to organic food.

Some non-organic foods are probably safe to eat. I think organic has a bit of a marketing flavor to it. In some cases, it is a way for some companies to make money. In general, however, it is very, very sensible to limit the chemicals and pesticides used in food production.

Q. Does malnutrition affect a man’s sex life?

A. Diet plays a big part in your cardiovascular health. The erectile function is one of those things that causes the onset of cardiovascular disease. The penis is a barometer of men’s health. And if you’re not performing well in that regard, it’s probably going to be a wake-up call to start tackling all of those variables that affect your cardiovascular health: eating, exercising, sleeping, and staying in good mental health.

Q. What is the healthiest way to increase your fiber intake?

A. Fruits and vegetables are often the best sources of fiber. Whole grains, legumes and beans are great ways to increase the amount of fiber you get from your diet. So green leafy vegetables and all these colorful fruits and vegetables take center stage in the aisles of your favorite grocery store products.

Q. Are superfoods real or just marketing word?

A. Superfoods are just a fancy name for foods that help reduce inflammation or prevent oxidation. Inflammation and oxidation can accelerate the aging process and promote DNA damage through cell aging. Examples of superfoods include dark green leafy vegetables, blueberries, salmon, anchovies and herring.

Q. Which is more important for men’s health: diet or exercise?

A. Combining the two is probably your best bet. They both play such a critical role. Any little exercise doesn’t always go overboard. Whether you get up and down your chair every 10 times in a row every hour, or if you take a gentle walk through the block, you need to work your body muscles.

How much meat is in a healthy diet? Do men have to cut red meat completely?

A. When we look at diets around the world in societies that are known for their longevity, we see that they eat less protein. Their diets are vegetable-based. Eating smaller pieces of meat and not eating red meat often makes sense for cardiovascular health. It makes sense to eat in moderation. If you make good protein choices, including fish and other lean meats, and combine them with lots of vegetables, you’re preparing for success.

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